Friday, April 21, 2017

We want to hear from you! Blog Survey and Feedback

For those of you who follow our blog and have read about our flood emergency back in January, it may come as no surprise to you that this year has brought its share of challenges for our company. It took a couple months for us to get set up at our new location and to have our operations up and running again at full capacity, but we are happy to announce that we are doing well and we have settled back into our normal groove. We appreciate all of the love and support that we have received throughout the last few months from our amazing customers and we truly could not have done it without all of your patience and understanding!

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for the coming months, and one of our main goals is to totally revamp our blog. Unfortunately the blog has been a bit neglected for the past few months as we transitioned into our new facility, but now that the chaos has subsided, it is our priority to start posting inspiring and fun new content and to post more frequently. Before we dive into these changes, we want to hear some feedback from our readers! We envision this blog as being a source to generate creativity, spread knowledge and wisdom for fellow crafters, share inspirational stories, and to create a positive community for lovers of fiber to interact with one another and with us here at JBW. We would love to hear any ideas that you might have about the direction of our blog, as well as any ideas on specific content that you would like to see more (or less) in our future blog posts.

Please fill out the survey below and feel free to leave us comments if you would like to elaborate on your responses, or if you just want to leave some additional feedback. You are able to select more than one answer in the survey!

We want our blog to be as interactive as possible with our readers and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Much love from the whole crew here at JBW ♥

Monday, April 17, 2017

Come one, come all! Our fourth annual knitting retreat is approaching!

It’s almost that time again for our annual Jimmy Beans Wool retreat, and we can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we are to host it this year! The last three years have been such an incredible experience for all of us here at JBW and we have taken away so much from hosting the retreats and getting to meet so many new, amazing people from all around the country. While there are so many cool things that come from the each of the retreats, our absolute favorite part every year is simply getting to be surrounded by so many passionate and skilled knitters all weekend long. Each year we leave our retreats feeling more and more inspired by all of our guests, and we strive to ensure that the following year’s retreat is even more special to create the best experience imaginable. 

For this year’s event, we have some very exciting features planned and we are confident that this is going to be our best retreat to date! The retreat will be taking place from June 1st-4th, and we have decided to head back up to our favorite spot up at the gorgeous Northstar Resort at Lake Tahoe. This luxurious resort is located in the heart of the lush forest and close to so many recreational sweet spots. The resort is a haven for all things adventure and relaxation, and it’s such a treat for us to come back and enjoy this spot each year with our guests. We’ll have plenty of down time to explore the area and soak in all of its natural beauty!

But let’s not forget about the most important part – the knitting, of course! We have several knitting classes lined up for our guests to participate in, catering to most skill levels and ranging in various techniques. We are proud to announce that our VIP knitting instructors for the weekend will be none other than the sock queen Ann Budd and lace guru Romi Hill! These two will bring with them so much knowledge and wisdom to share, and they cannot wait to chat and knit with all of our guests.

As you may have already heard, our company moved into a different facility a few months ago and we have a brand new retail store and knit shop that just opened to the public at the beginning of March. We had some big dreams for our new shop, and we worked hard for several months planning out every little detail to create the shop we always envisioned. We are so incredibly proud of the new shop design and set-up, and we will be welcoming all retreat guests for an exclusive tour of the new warehouse and store, along with some time to browse, shop, and knit.

Want to get in on the action with us? We’re happy to announce that we still have some spots available this year and it would be an honor for us to be your host for this unforgettable weekend. Join us this summer and embark upon a journey quite unlike anything else. Surround yourself with the crisp, fresh mountain air, meet talented knitters like yourself from all around the country, create lifelong friendships, refine your skills and learn new techniques, and head back home feeling rejuvenated and inspired. We have been looking forward to this event all year and we hope to have you up on the mountain with us to share the magic!

For more information about our retreat, visit for details on pricing, accommodation, and other included features.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Save the Yarn

People who follow our social media accounts know that we recently went through a flood emergency, but we thought we would take the time to share the story in depth with you here on our blog. It severely impacted our business this month! We are still "digging out" from all the work that piled up while we were out of commission. We are so grateful to our customers and our friends and family who have been following the whole saga and have very patiently waited for their orders while we got set up in our new space. We are so grateful in fact that we have an amazing surprise for our customers this month (scroll to the bottom of this post to find out!). Or read the whole post to hear the harrowing story. We are so humbled and amazed at all of the support we received locally and online. We love being part of the yarn community and the Reno community. Here is our #NVflood17 story:

1/5/17 - Flooding is predicted by the National Weather Service for the Reno Sparks Area 1/8 and 1/9. The Truckee River is predicted to crest at 21.5 feet. Which is 5-7 feet above flood stage depending on where you live here in the Reno Sparks area. The JBW warehouse is in a flood zone and has flooded in the past. We immediately started to put our heads together to come up with a plan to save the yarn.

1/6/17 - We made the decision to stop answering phones and emails in order to start packing up the yarn. All employees' efforts were directed to flood proofing the warehouse. We prioritized the computers and most expensive yarn. We also raced to get as many orders shipped out as we could. Below is a flood map of Reno. See that big red stripe in the circle there? That's us! Yikes!

1/7/17 - Today is a big day. Whatever we can get out of the ware house is what is left of JBW. In addition to packing up, we shipped out 1300 orders today!!! We had employees and friends and family come to help us move as much yarn as we could get into 7 U-Haul trucks. Many trucks also had a trailer. We were able to pack up about 70% of the yarn in the warehouse. We put sandbags at the back doors, piled the retail furniture on top of each other, locked up and left hoping that the damage wouldn't be too bad. A local bagel bakery (Thank you, Rounds!!!) whose location was on higher ground gave us permission to park our trucks in their parking lot. They would be there all night baking, so they could keep an eye on the trucks for us. Many other organizations in our area also had to scramble to save their buildings and the contents therein from the water (like the Humane Society).

JBW's trucks at Rounds Bakery.

1/8/17 - This is a very nerve wracking day. Rachel (our production manager) took this photo near our ware house in the late morning. The river was very high but hadn't started flooding yet. Later in the day the surrounding roads were closed off in anticipation of flooding. The flood came, as predicted, in the late evening. Live videos circulated of local construction companies positioned on bridges downtown to snatch debris out of the river so they wouldn't do damage to the bridges or clog up the river and contribute to flooding. It was a pretty incredible sight.

Culvert nearest the Capital Blvd warehouse early on 1/8.

1/9/17 - Flooding continues into today and is expected to peak in the early morning. In an amazing break of good fortune, the rain expected today is not as heavy as it was originally predicted to be. The loading bay of our building is a lake, but the flood waters stop rising mere inches below the warehouse doors.
Employees volunteered to start answering emails again remotely on their own personal computers, and our social media manager had no power (and therefore no internet), so she had to drive around to keep charging her phone to post updates and answer comments.
Laura and Doug (the owners of JBW) made the decision that even though our lease at Capital Blvd wasn't up until March 2017, now would be an opportune time to move considering that 70% of our inventory was already packed up. And considering that this winter was shaping up to be a doozy, we needed to make a move now so as not to give another flood the satisfaction of threatening our beautiful yarn. Laura, being the tenacious self-starter entrepreneur that she is, was touring new properties within hours.

1/10/17 - Laura chooses a new home for JBW in record time and is able to negotiate that we be able to move in immediately (how did she do that???)! Our new warehouse is very close to our old warehouse, but it is NOT in a floodplain! Thank goodness!

Remember the flood map above? Here is where we moved to. No flood danger there - Phew!

1/11/17 - We get keys to the Joule St. warehouse! And we start moving in! In case you were wondering Joule is pronounced like "Jewel". It is an electrical term, and our new warehouse is close to the power company. If you are interested, click here to find out what a Joule is.

Clearing out the last boxes at the old warehouse!

Moving the first boxes into the new warehouse!

1/12/17 - Production (aka our Beanie Bag team) moves to Joule, and sets up shop! Racking starts to be moved to the new location! Terry, who teaches classes at JBW, decides to hold her classes off-site at local coffee shops until the new class space can be set up.

1/19/17 - After opening on 1/16 for a "Moving Sale," the Capital Blvd. location closes for good at noon. We were trying to sell the yarn still left at the old warehouse at a discount, so we didn't have to move as much. We sold quite a bit of it, but needed the yarn all in one location so we could get orders out the door quicker. Goodbye Capital Blvd!

1/20/17 - We are getting more settled into our space and are moving the final odds and ends over from the old warehouse! We hired four temporary workers in order to help us get caught up!

The new Joule St warehouse getting fuller and fuller!

1/25/17 - Phone lines are installed at Joule, and they immediately start ringing off the hook! We were still able to communicate with customers via email while our phone lines were out, but not all of them had heard about the flood. There were many customers calling to ask what the heck was going on! We received our first few shipments at the new warehouse - including our Madelinetosh limited edition color for January - Labradorite!

The Labradorite color. We had to set up a makeshift photography corner. Did you notice the background there? Yup, it's cardboard boxes!

1/27/17 - The influx of phone calls was making it a lot harder to pull orders and devote time to getting caught up, so we made a tough decision. We decided to stop answering phones and emails for the weekend, and made some very aggressive goals. We invited some customers and some old employees to come help us pull orders, and we encouraged our regular staff to pick up some overtime shifts. The goal was to get completely caught up by Monday (meaning we were pulling, packing and shipping orders that were less than 24 hours old)!!! We needed to touch 2,118 orders in order to do that. Today we touched 697 orders! Wow!

The notes we included with delayed orders. We also shipped the orders out for free and gave customers a small notions pouch.

1/28/17 - We made incredible progress on our goal today!!! We touched 1,025 orders today! 1,025! We only have 398 more orders to go to meet our goal!

1/29/17 - We met our goal and started to turn to other neglected areas (like returns and back-orders) to make the most of our "off-the-grid" time.

Our Goals board at the end of Sunday. We did it!!!

1/30/17 - We are still kind of in the thick of moving. We still have plenty of boxes on the ground. Furniture from the store is piled high in a room. It seems there is a steady stream of locksmiths, plumbers, contractors and other professionals here everyday! If you had told us last year that we would be moving in the middle of our busiest season - we would have told you that you were crazy! But here we are. We are so excited to be moving forward with plans for our new retail space (coming late Feb or early March). And we can't wait to get back to our normal routine.

Which brings us to...

2/1/17 - Today starts a very special month of thanks to our customers and our community. We have decided to thank our customers by offering free shipping on all orders throughout the entire month of February! Free shipping for everybody!!! UPS is excluded from this (we can't afford to overnight yarn to everyone all month), but regular shipping is 100% free - all month!!! We didn't forget international customers either - First Class shipping will be free for international orders! We are so incredibly grateful for our customers who waited patiently for long overdue orders and kept ordering from us even when they knew we would be out of commission for a while - just to support us! We are humbled. We are grateful. And we are ready to get back to kicking yarn butt! What will you get this month during #freeshipfeb?

Tell us what you'll get and use the hashtag #freeshipfeb!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light Color Pairings - Three Colors

Welcome back! Are you ready for more? I know I am! If you missed our first post be sure to scroll down and check it out! We here at Jimmy Beans have been putting together some great color pairings for you because looking at colors on a screen can make it so hard to determine if they look good together - am I right? Well fret no longer! We are using Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light because it is one of our most popular yarns of all time and is really versatile as well. OK - here we go!

Three Color Combos

Yesterday we explored some great two color combinations, and you can check out that post below or see our kit on our website here. Today we will be talking about three color combos (kit link here). Putting three colors together can be a daunting task. Each color must look good with not one but two colors and must be an essential part of that pairing. A favorite saying of mine is from Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry - "It seems that perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away." If you think you would be doing a disservice to your project by excluding the third color you know you have chosen great colors. We hope we have done the same here. What patterns might you use these wonderful colors in? Well there are myriads to chose from but we think Any of these would be stellar: Ripple Effect, Herrington, Deep Woods Toque from Knitscene Winter 2015 and Lilli Pilli,

Top Left: Composition Book Grey, Silver Fox and Sugar Plum -  We had to do at least one gradient combo - right? Imagine how wonderful this combowould look in the Changing Light pattern?!? Composition Book Grey consistently has a purple bent and combined with Silver fox and Sugar Plum you get a magically elegant purple pairing.

Top Center: Edison Bulb, Holi Festival and Oceana - This is the most wild pairing in the bunch! You can find flecks of Edison Bulb in Holi Festival and the whole thing is reigned in a little by the bright Oceana blue. It's a raucous celebration of color, but not an assault on the eyes!

Top Right: Mineral, Celadon, Brick Dust - I am calling this the ultimate Southwest color pairing. Mineral is the bright turquoise color. Celadon is our Sagebrush green, and Brick Dust is the perfect orange/brown/grey mix representing the land.

Middle Left Whiskey Barrel, Rey, Dubrovnik - This is a very refined pallette. The deep blue, Dubrovnik, is one of our favorite new colors. The deep brown and blue look classic together, and the speckle makes it very modern. This is a great combo for men or for any occasion that requires more sensible, formal colors.

Middle right: some colors selections on a table in our warehouse.

Bottom Left: Well Water, Murakami, Neon Red - This is the combo that most surprised me! I NEVER would have thought to put these colors together, and they look stunning! You can find flecks of the red and the blue in Murakami, but it also adds flecks of yellow and black as well. It is a modern Piet Mondrian pallette.

Bottom Center: Cactus Flower, Outlander, Jade - This combo is for color lovers! The slightly variegated Cactus Flower looks great next to the heavily speckled Outlander color, and the tonal green Jade balances out all the lively pink while still matching it ounce for ounce in terms of color saturation.

Bottom Right: Tart, Birch Grey, Thunderstorm - This is a wintery version of a red, white and blue combo. Tart is one of our favorite reds in the whole warehouse. Tart and Anzula's One Red Shoe have got to be our two favorite reds. Paired with the lightly speckled birch grey and deep blue/black, this red looks even more elegant. If I needed a holiday party shawl, this is the color set I would use!

I hope we have tempted and inspired you! Please keep calling us for color help! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light Color Pairings - Two Colors

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I'm talking about knitting season - of course! It's been quite chilly here in Reno this week, and we are so excited! It's officially our busy season, and the phones are ringing off the hook these days. We get calls every day asking us to help with color suggestions and color matching, and to be honest, it's one of our favorite things to do. So we thought during this season of giving that we would put together some killer color combos just for you in our most popular yarn of all time: Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light!

Tosh Merino Light (or TML as it's known around here) is a single ply fingering weight yarn in 100% superwash merino wool. It shows off Madelinetosh's fantastic handdyed colorways to great effect. Tosh Merino Light has 420 yards of deliciousness and is so soft to the touch. It's no wonder it is a staff and customer favorite! We have put together 9 two color combos and 7 three color combos below. We hope love them as much as we do, and you can purchase them as a kit here: two color three color.

Two Color Combos

When you find two colors that go together really well I imagine it feels similar to however the person who discovered that peanut butter and chocolate went together felt - like a genius! Once you find two colors that play so well together, it's hard to imagine them apart! There are so many amazing two color fingering weight patterns out there that could be brought to life with just the right color combination. Like the Vitsippa hat from the Spring 2015 Pom Pom magazine, or the Spectrum wrap from Joji Locatelli, or the whimsical Whipporwill from Carina Spencer. See if any of the combos below inspire you:

Top Left: Gossamer and Penumbra - If you are looking for a more monochromatic palette, but with plenty of contrast, look no further! Gossamer is a very pale pink/purple and looks great next to the deep purples of Penumbra.

Top Middle: Esoteric and Robin's Nest - The light blue in the Robin's Nest is set off very nicely when Esoteric is next to it. The two greenish blues look really nice together and helps to tone down the wild variegation of Robin's Nest.

Top Right: Begonia Leaf and Spectrum - The purple in the Begonia Leaf matches the red/purples in Spectrum really well. It should be noted that Spectrum as a color varies widely from purple dominant to blue dominant, but Begonia Leaf matched all of them! Who knew?

Middle Left: Geyser Pool and Earl Grey - The grays in the Earl Grey are perfectly matched with the green-gray in the Geyser pool. This combo is very neutral and subtle, but elegant.

Center: Pendleton Red and Dust Bowl - We thought this warm red and warm brown looked great together. Pendleton Red is often overlooked, but it has great depth of color and really shines next to Dust Bowl.

Middle Right: Baltic and Spicewood - This year saturated colors have been all the rage, and this combo plays on that. The bold mustardy yellow/orange with the bright blue is striking - to say the least!

Bottom Left: Dr. Zhivago's Sky and Stormborn - By itself, Dr. Zhivago's Sky seems like just another tonal grey, but next to Stormborn it practically transforms! Some of the flecks in Stormborn match Dr. Zhivago's Sky really well, but there are also much brighter blues as well. It's brings out the blue grey in Dr.Zhivago's Sky and really breathes life into the color. So exciting!

Bottom Middle: Penumbra and Birch Grey - I love this combo. If I ever make a Breathing Space from Interpretations Volume 3, this is the color combo I would chose. The deepest royal purple with a white speckled very delicately with black. What's not to love?

Bottom Left: Pool and Dirty Panther - This combo is pretty wild! Pool has a lot of variegation going on and Dirty Panther perfectly matches the grey/black running through the Pool.The dark of the Dirty Panther will really make the Pool stand out.

Stay tuned to see our three color combos, which will be posted tomorrow!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

VOTE!!! For your favorite yarn!

There's one thing everyone in the USA can agree on: this year's presidential election has been extremely polarizing! We're here to bring us all back into one happy family; instead of "Red State" and "Blue State", let's all be Purple State!

Lorna's has created two one-of-a-kind, Just-at-Jimmy's colorways to commemorate the 2016 election, and they're available exclusively as a pre-order in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Worsted and Solemate!

Now tell us - Speckle or semi-solid? That's a choice that you can feel good about! Just place your order and expect a happy surprise in your mailbox around Election Day. No matter what the results of the election, at least you'll have some yummy yarn!!!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

We want to hear from you! What did you like about Toshstrology?

We are currently in planning mode for our 2017 concept for our Madelinetosh Limited edition colors, and we need your help! We want to know from you, our most awesome customers and fellow Tosh enthusiasts, why this year's concept was so popular. We want to hit it out of the park next year too, and we are trying to pin point what exactly was so compelling about this year's theme. Would you help us???

Please fill out the survey below and let us know in the comments what you would like to see next year! Thank you all!

What was compelling about our Madelinetosh Limited Edition colors (Toshstrology) this year? free polls