Thursday, December 7, 2017

Light up the ski slopes with 2018 Tosh!

There's no denying that all of us Beans are hardcore MadTosh addicts. I swore to go on a yarn diet this winter because my stash is overflowing, but the new Spring 2018 Tosh collection has me cheating already. The spring collection is filled with so many vibrant color combinations, and they're channeling some serious 1980s vibes. These spunky colors would look fabulous worked up into fun, bright hats to wear up on the mountain this ski season. I've picked 10 of my favorite hat designs that will evoke some serious color envy on the slopes this year, paired perfectly with the new 2018 Tosh colors!

Pattern: Mashup by Amy Miller
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK
Suggested colors: "Pixel" or "Hydroponic"

Pattern: Syncopation Adoration Hat by Stephen West
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK
Suggested colors: "Heart of Glass," "Silence Was Golden," or "Push Pop"

Pattern: Rikke by Sarah Young
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK
Suggested colors: "Fragile," "Cosmic Silver," or "Beta"

Pattern: Vintage Prim by Andrea Mowry
Suggested colors: "The Wildlings" or "Forager"

Pattern: Permutation by Hunter Hammersen
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Merino
Suggested colors: "Beautiful Liar" or "Daenerys"

Pattern: Dragon Pox Beanie by ALJayKnits
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK
Suggested colors: "Wink" or "The Uncola"

Pattern: Sockhead Slouch Hat by Kelly McClure
Suggested colors: "Night Fell," "Gold Lion," or "Fiji"

Pattern: Brightest Day by Veera Valimaki
Suggested colors: "Arya," "Silence Was Golden," or "Maiyet"

Pattern: Risalire by Wooly Wormhead
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock
Suggested colors: "Blind Love" or "Rainbow"

Pattern: Ribbons and Poms by Amy Miller
Suggested yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK
Suggested colors: "Tien Tsin Pepper" or "Push Pop"

Happy knitting! ♥

Ugly Christmas Sweater: A History

Ugly Christmas Sweater. Jingle Bell Sweater. Christmas Jumper...Whatever you decide to call it and whether you get yours from your local thrift store or even knit your own, there is a brief history to this less-than-sartorial garment. History shows that the "ugly sweater" trend has been around since the 19th century. In the 1950's us humans decided to add Christmas on to the ugly, thus, the Ugly Christmas Sweater was born (although it was probably really trendy and cool at the time...).

Along came the 80's. Not only did we see a resurgence of crazy hair (see below), but also...Yep, you guessed it: The Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

Louis XIV of France  vs. Slash of Guns N' Roses

The trend quelled throughout the 90's but in 2002, Vancouver, Canada, laid claim to the first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. What started out as a a small group of friends who thought it would be funny to require friends to wear an ugly sweater to their Christmas party eventually graduated into an annual event that hosts thousands of people in their Ugly Christmas Sweaters. 

To celebrate Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, December 15th, we are hosting our monthly Sip N' Shop and the theme is...

So throw on your ugliest sweater and come join us on December 15th from 5-8PM in our shop for yarn, wine, bingo and last minute Christmas shopping :) 

Love at First Sight

We are pretty sure that this is what love at first sight feels like. That's right folks, new Spring 2018 Madelinetosh colors are in and they are not yet available from other retailers. Just be ready to pick your jaw up from the floor once you see them all!


Heart of Glass

Tien Tsin Pepper

Blind Love





Night Fell

Holi Grunge


Silence Was Golden

The Uncola


Beautiful Liar


The Crown Season 2: 10 Quirky Facts about The Queen

Not that we need another Netflix show to binge watch, but c'mon...Season 2 of The Crown. Need we say more?  In order to make ourselves feel productive while we spend our weekend watching the show, we teamed up with Lorna’s Laces and designer Miriam Felton and have created, The Royal Engagement pt. 2 KAL!

Royal Engagement Pt. 2 KAL

10 Interesting Facts about Queen Elizabeth 2 

  1. Earlier this year, she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee (65 years on the thrown!). 
  2. She owns almost 90 swans that reside on the Thames. If you, too, are a fan of swans check out some new kits we have from Swan's Island!
  3. She has 30 godchildren and has owned 30 corgis during her reign. 
  4.  The first Corgi she ever owned was named Susan...My dog's name is Benjamin, so I can't judge.  
  5. She is involved in hundreds of charities, 40 of which are animal related and 90 which are medical related...Like Q.EII, we love giving back! Join us in our Year of Giving 2018.
  6. She once received an baby elephant as a gift. If you're like us and don't know where to acquire a baby elephant, we have rounded up some Christmas gifts that are just as exciting, if not even more...
  7. She chose her own last name, Mountbatten-Windsor (you can see the drama unwind, haha, in The Crown Season 1).
  8. Some of us celebrate our birthday, some of us celebrate our birth month. But The Queen celebrates her birthday twice! She was born on April 21 but her Birthday is celebrated on June 11. 
  9. She sent her first e-mail from an army base in 1976. Love e-mails? Sign up for our newsletter!
  10. Much like our Customer Service, she has responded to over 3.5 million items of correspondence during her time as Queen.

Friday, December 1, 2017

15 Stocking Stuffers Every Knitter Will Love!

December is here! The holidays are approaching quickly, and we have some wonderful stocking stuffers for your fellow fiber enthusiasts. Choose from a variety of knitting kits, handy accessories, or even some exotic treats from our recent journey to India!

1. Jimmy's Journey Marketplace - Parveen and Rupalee Artisan-Made Scissors

2. Jimmy's Journey Marketplace - Assorted Leather Journals

3. Jimmy Beans Wool - Passport to India Kit

4. Jimmy Beans Wool - Gift Certificates (Amounts Vary)

5. Heidi and Lana - Stitch Market Bracelets

6. I Love Handles - Wrist Ruler

7. Jimmy Beans Wool - Logo Tape Measure

8. Jimmy Beans Wool - British Invasion Kit

9. Katrinkles - Mix & Match Mini Tool Set

11. Blue Sky Fibers - Royal Petite Knit Kit

12. Gleener Fuzz Remover - Ultimate Fuzz Remover

13. Jimmy's Journey Marketplace - Fine Wool Shawl w/ Fur Trim on 4 Sides

14. Jimmy's Journey Marketplace - Fine Wool Shawl (No Fur)

Happy Holidays! ♥

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jimmy Beans Gift Guide For Every Budget!

The countdown to the holidays is officially underway and if you're anything like us, you still probably have some holiday shopping to do! We've made it easy and rounded up a list of our favorite gifts for the knitter, crocheters and crafters in our lives...for every budget too!

$20 and Under

$18.00                                  $12.95-$19.95                             $19.95

$35 and Under

Jimmy Beans Rainbow                                                                                                     
$25.00                                             $35.00                                        $26.00

$75 and Under

            Breast Cancer Awareness                   Heidi & Lana                          Swans Island 
                 Pom Pom Hat Kit                    Conversion Shawl Kit                  Slalom Hat Kit
                        $40.00                                         $58.00                                     $75.00

$110 and Under

               Swans Island 6-in-1           Knitter's Pride Golden Light      Heidi & Lana Discovery
                      Zara Kit                        Interchangable Needle Set                 Poncho Kit
                      $90.00                                      $109.99                                    $110.00

Madtosh Color Madness


Our obsession with color is real and definitely fueled by Madelinetosh. We took some inspiration from the runways to help us choose our color palette as the weather gets colder. Check out some of our favorite color trends from this season!

  1. Tosh Merino Baltic 
  2. Tosh Merino Light Worn Denim  
  3. BFL Sock Memory 
  4. Tosh Sport Optic 
  5. Tosh Sport Gemini Twins 
  6. Tosh Sport Modern Fair Isle 
  7. Prarie Translation 
  8. Home Hosta Blue 
  9. A.S.A.P Translation
  10. Silk Merino Coquette Deux  
  11. Prarie Posy
  12. A.S.A.P Rose
  13. Home Silverfox
  14. A.S.A.P Smokestack
  15. A.S.A.P Moonglow
  16. Home Cactus Flower
  17. Dandelion Brick Dust
  18. Tosh Sock Rocky Mountain High